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Nierrh Mk II - Stern 03A by Kerchan3
Nierrh Mk II - Stern 03A
This is the Romulan Nierrh Mk II Scout (Romulan version of the Starfleet Defiant Class Starship) has the following types of fighter/bombers included within this warship:
2 Scorpion-D F/B's : Length = 5.75 M. (meters), Width = 2.6 M., Height = 2.6 M., Number of Decks = 1, total Mass = 3.88 M/T's (metric/tons), Crew = 2
Weapons - 4 x Class 19X Disruptor Beams, Total Output 8,335 T.W.'s (Tera Watts), located (2 x Aft of canopy & above it & 1 x on the Port/ 1 x Star side of Nose Section). 
Engines: Enhanced Quantum Singularity Drive and it has a speed of Warp 9.2.
I feel you should know and understand a little about various types of torpedo tubes (launchers) comparing the following Star Trek Species: Federation / Klingon / Cardassian / Dominion / Romulan:
01) Burst-Fire Type I - Load & fire a cluster of 4 torpedoes every 2.85 sec. / 02) Burst-Fire Type II - Fire up to 8 torpedoes every 5 sec. / 03) Burst-Fire Type III - Fire up to 10 torpedoes every 5 sec. & can alternately fire single rounds at a high rate of speed / 04) Burst-Fire Type IV - Fire a burst of 12 torpedoes every 5 sec. / 05) Pulse-Fire Type I - Fires 4 rounds in 1 sec. then, pauses for 3 sec. to reload with the next 4 torpedoes (Overall rate of fire is 1 torpedo per 1 sec. / 06) Pulse-Fire Type II - Fire 8 torpedoes in 2 sec. then, wait 6 sec. to fire next torpedoes / 07) Pulse-Fire Type III - Fire 2 torpedoes in 1 sec. then, wait to reload next 2 torpedoes / 08) Rapid-Fire Type I - {Either in a turret or not in a turret} Fires 4 torpedoes a sec. / 09) Micro-Torpedoes - It fires a compact torpedo with a much smaller warhead than standard torpedoes, with all types of torpedoes!! Fires 2 Micro-Torpedoes every sec.
01) Original - Fires 1 every 1 sec. / 02) Basic - Fires 1 every 8 sec. / 03) High Power - Fires 1 every 5 sec. / 04) Triple-Fire - Fires 3 every 10 sec. / 05) Micro-Torpedo - Fires 2 every 1 sec.
01) Model 1 - Fires 1 every 6.25 sec. / 02) Model 2 - Fires 1 every 4.166 sec.
01) Mark 1  - Fires 1 every 2.5 sec. / 02) Mark 2 - Fires 1 every 0.8 sec.
01) S1 - Fires 1 every 10 sec. / 02) S2 - Fires 1 every 5 sec. / 03) S3 - Fires 2 every sec. / 04) Micro-Torpedo - Fires 2 every sec.
Nierrh Mk II - Star 10A by Kerchan3
Nierrh Mk II - Star 10A
This is the Romulan Nierrh Mk II Scout (Romulan version of Starfleet's Defiant Class Starship) and the following is a listing of the numbers & types of its weapons:
2 x Class 16X Pulse Plasma Disruptor Cannon (Fires Multi-Freq Pulses), Total Output 8,182 T.W.'s (Tera Watts), location (1 Port/1 Star Dorsal side on Wings).
4 x Class 16XF Pulse Plasma Disruptor Cannon (Fires Multi-Freq Pulses), Total Output 16,650 T./W.'s, location (2 Port/2 Star on Wing Ends).
2 x Dual Rapid-Fire Heavy Class 2X G-11 Singularity Torpedo Tubes + 150 Singularity Torpedoes, location (2 Fwd each wing near the fuselage).
1 x Dual Rapid-Fire Heavy Class XV Plasma Torpedo Tubes + 60 Plasma Torpedoes, location (Aft on centerline).
Nierrh Mk II - Port 12A by Kerchan3
Nierrh Mk II - Port 12A

This is the Romulan Nierrh Mk II Scout (Romulan version of the Federation Defiant Starship) and here are the Specs (specifications) of the propulsion systems used:
The Nierrh Mk II Scout has a Dual Tetryon Plasma Drive which powers this warship through Space at Warp 8.4 for its Cruising speed, Warp 9.6 for its maximum Cruising speed, & Warp 9.982 for its maximum Rated speed for 15 hours!!
I would like to help you understand where the Romulan Tetryon Plasma Drive came from & how it essentually works. The Tetryon Plasma Drive comes from the USS Voyager, a Federation Intrepid Class Starship. In an Alternate Reality, the Yellowstone Class Runabout was an upgraded design of the Federation Danube Class Runabout that was designed in the late 24th Century. The Yellowstone Class was equipped with Tetryon Plasma Drives and Tetryon Plasma Warp Nacelles and was designed for a variety of missions. The prototype vessel of this class was the U.S.S. Yellowstone {NX-74751}, which was designed by the Starfleet Engineering Corps and constructed in 2371. Ensign Harry Kim and Lieutenant Lasca were the two key members of the design team. Ensign Kim was responsible for designing the new Tetryon Plasma Drives. {There was a Tal'Shiar Agent that was working on that very same project team, posing as a Vulcan. After downloading all the data and Specs of the Tetryon Plasma Drive onto a disk, she left for Romulas to have the data looked at by the Romulan Tal'Shiar research division. When the special Tal'Shiar team finished building a working Tetryon Plasma Drive, production of the drive went into high gear. Several new Romulan Warships with these Tetryon Plasma Drives are now on patrol throughout Romulan controlled Space!!} However, the Yellowstone had one main flaw in terms of working out a dilithium fracture problem. There were several weeks spent on trying to resolve this problem, which was cured with new plasma flow equations. After six months of work spent on the fracture problem, Admiral Strickler, on Stardate 49011, was given a presentation by Kim & Lasca, on the Yellowstone. Admiral Strickler found this design on the Yellowstone to be very interesting. Although it was Space worthy, construction on the Yellowstone was still underway, in early 2372. Many of the vessel's defensive systems were not finished, including the unplaced safety interlocks. The Runabout was stored in a Federation Spacedock {Star Trek: Voyager - Episode "Non Sequitur"}. The drive is essentually a standard drive designed to use Tetryon Plasma rather than the standard Warp Plasma!! There was an offical runabout (Cannon) called the Yellowstone Class that actually runs on this type of drive today! (Here are some Web addresses that show the following things:
Here Kim & Paris stole this prototype runabout:…
Here are the Starfleet Specs on the actual Yellowstone Class in 2372, which is still in service:…
Here is a schematics diagram of the Yellowstone Class Runabout:…
Here is the prototype Runabout, U.S.S. Yellowstone, shown venting Tetryon Plasma, in 2372:…
Here is a list of the Starfleet ship classes in the Star Trek fictional (Alternate Timeline) Universe....look at the end of this list for "Yellowstone Class":…
By the way, Tetryon Plasma is a variety of Warp Plasma that emites MultiFlux Gamma Radiation. A vessel equipprd with a normal Warp Drivecan stall when passing through a cloud of this! The Yellowstone Class Runabout was venting Tetryon Plasma from its nacelles in order to stall a persuing Nebula Class Starship. Why? Because this Tetryon Plasma emites "MultiFlux Gamma Radiation, which disrupts SubSpace!!  Also, many of the Romulan Warships utilize Dual Tetryon Plasma Drives because the first drive is to power the engine & shields while the second drive powers the weapons & cloak!!

Nierrh Mk II - Dorsal 14A by Kerchan3
Nierrh Mk II - Dorsal 14A
This is the Romulan Nierrh Mk II Scout (A Romulan Defiant-like Warship) and an important engine that many times is taken for granted is the "Impulse Drive"!! This Nierrh Mk II Scout has 2 Enhanced Impulse Drives.  In order for you to actually understand Romulan & Federation propulsion, I probably need to first explain to you about the Impulse Drive and how it works.  The Impulse Drive is a propulsion system used for all sublight speeds. (Any speed below Warp speed.) The Impulse Drive consists of a fusion reactor, an accelerator-generator, a driver coil assembly, and a vectored thrust nozzle to direct the plasma exhaust. The impulse reaction chamber is one of three components that make up the Impulse Engine. A single impulse fusion reactor is a spherical-shaped component that is 6 meters in diameter. An Impulse Engine contains 4 of these reactors. The driver coil uses energy from the impulse fusion reactors to envelope the warship in a low-energy subspace field intended to lighten the relative mass of the vessel it encompasses (or surrounds).  This significantly reduces the mass burden on the Impulse Drive, therefore giving it unprecedented rates of acceleration. A subspace field can be generated by accelerating plasma through the driver coils of an Impulse Drive. The plasma created from this reaction is diverted to one of two routes. If the generator is used to generate power for the warship, the plasma is diverted to the EPS grid and power distribution nets. {The Electro-plasma distribution network, as most engineers like to call it, is the basic form of energy distribution from & to the warship's subsystems. This particular concept is based on storing energy in a highly-energetic plasma, "electro-plasma", and distributing this in a plasma grid through the warship via magnetic conduits, called EPS conduits.} If the reactor is used for propulsion, the plasma is accelerated through an exhaust accelerator {2nd stage} and then through a Space-Time driver coil {3rd stage}, which functions similarly to the warp coils {located in the nacelles.....those things usually on the tips of Federation & other Alien Species' wings that are blue-colored for the Federation & other colors sometimes for other Species' warships}. Finally, exhaust is routed through the vectored exhaust director, which has movable vanes that can control the output of the exhausts {4th stage}.
The fusion reactor generates a highly energized plasma. This plasma, {electro-plasma} can be employed for propulsion, or it can be diverted through the EPS to the power transfer grid {this is a more traditional form of supplying power through the warship. It transfers electricity from a source...usually a power converter fed by the areas where it is needed using electrically conductive wires/materials.}, via EPS conduits, so as to supply other systems. The accelerated plasma is passed through the driver coils, where a subspace field is generated that improves the propulsion effect.
What about the warp plasma conduit?  Well, it is a specialized form of a magnetic conduit used aboard warships to direct incredibly high energy electro-plasma known as warp plasma or drive plasma from the warp core through the warship to the plasma injectors in the nacelle tube. Because of the increased volume of plasma being transported, these conduits are usually much larger in diameter than normal plasma conduits. Also, the magnetic field strength in a warp plasma conduit will be higher than a normal plasma conduit to contain the more highly charged warp plasma. Plasma conduit power levels are regulated by plasma coolant ducts, and monitored by plasma conversion sensors.
You might then ask...Why plasma coolant?  Well, when the matter-antimatter reaction assembly combines deuterium and antideuterium within an energized dilithium crystal, the plasma generated is immensely powerful, and must be cooled by specially designed, yet hazardous, coolant components. Plasma coolant maintains the warp core, cooling any heat safely away from the populated areas of the warship. It operates in the same manner any coolant is used in an engine. Without it, the engine systems could overheat or fail completely. It does act violently with organic matter, liquefying it on contact. When Data smashed the Warp Core, the coolant went all over everything that it came in contact with, including the Borg Queen & Data's skin that the Borg had placed over Data's arm & face. {Star Trek: Movie "First Contact"} That is why Captain Picard grabbed the cables that were extended from the ceiling and pulled himself to safety, away from that coolant!! That was also true of the dangers of the liquid coolant from the starship's Warp Core Engines, too!! {Star Trek: TNG (The Next Generation) Episode "Yesterday's Enterprise"}
There are important devices known as impulse packs. This is a small device that is plugged into the Impulse Engine and it has insulated lead points on the ends. When a warship has been through a "trauma", it always is best to check the points of the packs because if they are decayed to the lead points, when activated, they can actually take out an entire impulse deck!! {Star Trek: TOS (The Original Series) Episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before"} After encountering the "Galactic Barrier", Lee Kelso, checked out the Impulse Engines but, forgot to notice that the points were decayed to the lead!!
One more point...There is actually a Hyper-Impulse Drive, too! The Hyper-Impulse Drive is an extension of the Impulse Drive technology. It allowed for traveling at faster speeds while remaining below the speed of light. {Star Trek: Voyager: Episode "Future's End, Part II"} The Timeship Aeon was equipped with this particular drive mechanism, which Henry Starling used when he left Earth in preparation for his trip through time.
Nierrh Mk II - Dorsal 10A by Kerchan3
Nierrh Mk II - Dorsal 10A
This is the Romulan Nierrh Mk II Scout and as with every Romulan Warship, it has its own cloak to help conceal itself from enemies of the Romulan Star Empire!  I think it would be a good time to discuss with you, the many types of Romulan Cloaks and what each type basically does:
01) Romulan Stealth Technology{RST}With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature
      a) RST Mk I
      b) RST Mk II
02) Enhanced Romulan Stealth Technology{ERST}With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature
      a) ERST Mk III
      b) ERST Mk IV
03) Advanced Enhanced Romulan Stealth Technology{AERST}With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature, Allowing Weapons To Fire While Cloaked{Not Resistant To Tachyon Detection System}
      a) AERST Mk V
      b) AERST Mk VI
04) Advanced Scimitar Cloak{ASC}With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature, Allowing Weapons To Fire While Cloaked{Resistant To Tachyon Detection System}
      a) ASC Mk I
In 2293, the Klingons developed a prototype BOP(Bird of Prey) capable of firing while cloaked. This warship was commanded by General Chang and it was secretly used to attack the IKS(Interstellar Klingon Ship) Kronos One in such a way that it would appear that the Federation Starship, USS Enterprise-A was the one who did the deed! This would then implicate the Captain & commanding officer of the USS Enterprise-A, Captain James T. Kirk, in the assassination of the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon. However, Captain Kirk & his crew were able to deduct the existence of General Chang's Warship and devised a way to penetrate its cloak by tracking its plasma exhaust with new sensors for analyzing gaseous anomalies. This Klingon prototype warship was destroyed by the USS Enterprise-A & the USS Excelsior over Planet Kitomer (Star Trek VI Movie:"The Undiscovered Country"). 
An Advanced Cloak was encountered in 2379 by the Reman. The Reman Warbird Scimitar employed this new type of cloaking device that allowed this particular warship to fire its weapons and use its shields while cloaked!!  Not only this but, here is the real kicker; that device did not give off any Tachyon Emissions or any residual antiprotons, making the Warbird Scimitar completely undetectable while it was cloaked!! The effectiveness of this was shown at the "Battle of Bassen Rift", where the Scimitar was engaged by the Enterprise-E, the IRW(Interstellar Romulan Warship) Warbird Valdore, & another of the same type Warbird, and it was able to destroy one Warbird, cripple the Warbird Valdore, & empty all of the Enterprise's total weapons, as well as damage it quite a lot, too! All of this without suffering any major damage!! {My own theory concerning the destruction of one of the Romulan Warbirds and the putting out of commission, the Warbird Valdore was because of the Reman Captain knowing all the "need to know codes" for de-activating its shields...just like Kirk did to Khan by pretending to comply with Khans' request for information about the Genesis Device, he actually transmits a signal using the USS Reliant's "prefix code" that causes Reliant to lower its shields (Star Trek II Movie: "The Wrath of Khan"). I think the new Romulan Warbird's were getting a "bad rap" for being taken out of the battle so quickly...had he not had those codes, the Reman Captain would not have got out of that battle without having a lot more damage!!} Picking up where the battle was raging on...only through repeated blind targeting and barrages of Phaser Arrays and firing all of its Photon & Quantum Torpedoes, was the Enterprise-E able to finally disable the Scimitar's cloak. Once the cloak failed, the Enterprise-E was able to get some effective shots in at the Scimitar Battlecruiser...finally the Enterprise-E rammed the Scimitar and that basically did it for the Scimitar, for the moment. Finally, the deadly Thalaron Radiation Emitters were disabled by having a Phaser Pistol fire into them, thus destroying the Reman Scimitar Battlecruiser!! Now you can see the real value of this Advanced Scimitar Cloak {ASC Mk I} which was covertly taken by the Tal'Shiar as they used their Advanced Enhanced Romulan Stealth Technology Cloak {AERST Mk VI}. Here the Tal'Shiar came up behind the Reman Scimitar Battlecruiser, after she had just been rammed and many of her sensors had gone dead from the tremendous crash it received from the ramming of the USS Enterprise-E , and then their troops swept into the Scimitar's cloaking space and killed the Reman guards that were guarding it and removed it, replacing it with a Romulan Stealth Technology Cloak{RST}With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature{RST Mk I}. The Tal'Shiar troops left as swiftly as they had come...and the Romulan Star Empire now had the only working Advanced Scimitar Cloak{ASC}With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature, Allowing Weapons To Be Fired While Cloaked{Resistant To Tachyon Detection System{ASC Mk I}. That was how the Romulans got this awesome cloak!!


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