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Mosaram Mk  IV - Stern 05 by Kerchan3
Mosaram Mk IV - Stern 05
This the Romulan Mosaram Mk IV Destroyer and it carries the following types of fighter/bombers:
6 Scorpion-B Fighter/Bombers
Mosaram Mk  IV - Star 08A by Kerchan3
Mosaram Mk IV - Star 08A
This is the Romulan Mosaram Mk IV Destroyer and the following is a listing of the various types of weapons & the numbers of each type of weapon:
1 x Class 18 Disruptor Beam (Multi-Freq Beam), Total Output 6,668 T.W.(Terra Watts), located (Stern),
5 x Class 15X Disruptor Beams (Multi-Freq Beams), Total Output 25,000 T.W., located (2 Dorsal{Aft of the neck}/1 Ventral/1 each Wingtip),
4 x Class 18X Pulse Plasma Disruptor Beams (Multi-Freq Pulses), Total Output 33,300 T.W., located (2 inside each Wing near the fuselage),
2 X Class 21PX Temporal Pulse Plasma Disruptors (Temporal Shielding Required To Stop Them), Total Output 30,000 T.W., located (1 each side of Nose centerline),
2 x Dual Pulse-Fire Heavy Class 2X G-11 Singularity Torpedo Tubes + 210 Singularity Torpedoes, located (Fwd),
2 x Dual Burst-Fire Type II Heavy Class XV Plasma Torpedo Tubes + 75 Plasma Torpedoes, located (Aft).
Mosaram Mk  IV - Port 04 by Kerchan3
Mosaram Mk IV - Port 04
This is the Romulan Mosaram Mk IV Destroyer and the following information provides the types of propulsion that power this warship as well as the speeds that it travels: The Mosaram Mk IV Destroyer is powered by two different types of drives. The first type of propulsion are the Dual Enhanced Quantum Singularity Drives. The main reason for having two of these Enhanced Quantum Singularity Drives is that one is utilized to power the ship's systems & engines and the second is used to power the cloaks. Both drives can handle either job or both jobs in an emergency!  The Cruising speed is Warp 8.5, maximum Cruising speed is Warp 9.77, & Maximum Rated speed is Warp 9.99 for 12 hours.  The second drive is called a Coaxial Drive and here are these speeds; Cruising speed is Warp 10 ~ for 42 LY. (Light Years), Maximum Cruising speed is Warp 10 ~ for 65 LY., & Maximum Rated speed is Warp 10 ~ for 80 LY.   
Mosaram Mk  IV - Dorsal 02 by Kerchan3
Mosaram Mk IV - Dorsal 02
This is the Romulan Mosaram Mk IV Destroyer and here are the following descriptions of its defenses: This warship has a Regenerative High Capacity Multi-Vectral Shield System With Nutation (Regenerative Shields are utilized by the Breen and other Races that analyze the weapon's frequency and they develop an immunity for that frequency and it includes sensors integrated within the shield systems' own energy that alters the frequency to better protect the ship. Multi-Vectral Shield Systems utilize all of the sub-shield generators into one large shield that encompasses all shield vectors and this increases the recharge rate and shield strength.) {Be advised as to the meaning of "With Nutation" - as defined by Startrek.Com = Episode: TNG (The Next Generation) 174 - The Best of Both Worlds, Part I - "A way of varying the shield frequency phase rotation. In 2366, Shield Nutation was used to increase the U.S.S. Enterprises' shield effectiveness against the Borg."} So, when you don't use the words "With Nutation", your warship's shields will easily be compromised by the Borg and any other enemy of the Romulan Empire!  It simply says that your shield is in a constant phase rotation thereby not allowing any enemy of the Romulan Empire access into your warship's systems that would ultimately destroy your warship!! The Mosaram Mk IV Destroyer has a Diburnium/Osmium Alloy Hull (Which is highly resistant to energy weapons.) Plus 6 CM.(centimeters) of Diburnium Ablative Armor. The Diburnium/Osmium Alloy is a substance that is highly resistant to energy and radiation and was used by the Kalandans to construct artificial planets (TOS (The Original Series): "That Which Survives"). {…} Doctor made two very important comments concerning this Diburnium/Osmium Alloy in TOS: "That Which Survives". BONES - "It has a high melting point. 8,000 C."  BONES - "The basic substance of this planet is an alloy of Diburnium/Osmium." {…} Here is a picture of this Diburnium/Osmium Alloy on the Kalandan Outpost 3: {…} The boiling point of the Diburnium/Osmium Alloy Armor is stated to be 8,000 degrees Celsius (TOS: "That Which Survives"). I have done some research and found out that the surface temperature of the Sun is about 5,500 degrees Celsius (9,000 degrees Fahrenheit). {…} For your information, 8,000 degrees Celsius equals 14,432 degrees Fahrenheit. This Diburnium/Osmium Alloy Armor is, I believe, the best type of armor for this Romulan Mosaram Mk II Destroyer simply because the melting point of Duranium is only 2,014 degrees Fahrenheit (DS-9 {Deep Space Nine}: "The Emissary")! {…} Ablative Armor is a protective hull plating that was top secret technology that was actually in development by Starfleet during the Borg defensive weapons project of 2366. It was developed to go along with the Pulse Phaser Cannons and the Quantum Torpedoes. This armor was designed to boil away at a controlled rate under energy blasts, which actually provided an extra layer of defense for warships if their shields should fail ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual")  Here is another interesting note or two: The U.S.S. Defiant was the first warship in service that was actually equipped with all-around Ablative Armor. This provided exceptional defense against the Borg in the Battle of Sector 001 where this armor was impenetrable to the Borg's Cutting Beam ("Star Trek: First Contact")! At that time, Ablative Armor technology was so classified that during its development, Starfleet Operations was not even aware of which Starships were equipped with it! This was the case when Admiral Leyton's Starship, U.S.S. Lakota, fired upon the Defiant and found out that because of that Ablative Armor, the Defiant was not able to be subdued (DS-9: "Paradise Lost"). The U.S.S. Prometheus also had Ablative Armor installed on it, as well as other advanced warships (VOY(Voyager): Message in a Bottle"). Even the long-range tactical warships of the Borg Collective were equipped with Ablative Armor (VOY: "Drone")!  Finally, this destroyer is equipped with a cloak: the Advanced Scimitar Cloak, which is a cloak with a mask to suppress the energy signature allowing this warship to fire weapons while cloaked! (This technology came about when the Romulan Tal'Shiar stole this particular cloak technology prior to the demise of the Reman Warship Scimitar (Star Trek: "Nemesis")!   

Mosaram Mk  IV - Bow 05 by Kerchan3
Mosaram Mk IV - Bow 05
This is the Romulan Mosaram Mk IV Destroyer and the following information will be the Specs (specifications) on this powerful destroyer: The length is 462.6 M.(meters), the Width is 373.4 M., the Height is 104 M., it has 20 Decks, it has a Mass of 2,650,000 M/T's (metric/tons), It has a crew of 375, and has 100 Troops onboard.


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John T. Beckman, III.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Retired U.S. Navy (22 years -medically retired)/I taught at Christian Schools; in Jacksonville,Fla. for 3 1/2 yrs. & in Augusta, Ga. for 7 1/2 yrs. (Taught Computer for K-4-12th grade) & was Network Manager for Augusta Christian Schools/Joined "Romulan Star Empire International" where I became the "Research & Development Minister" - after 4 of the "Continuing Committee", bailed out, basically, those left on that committee were the "Romulan Star Navy Fleet Admiral-Quartermaster, Chief of Roleplay Operations,& myself. Before it dissolved; I made rank of Full Commander w/ my own ship, Kerchan Mk III Command Dreadnought/Have created my own color backgrounds for my Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Wing Commander, Robotec, Andromeda, & United Spacy Navy as well as ships & space stations, as a hobby for last 7 1/2 yrs.

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Hey it's Eddy~ we met on the taxi
Nice to see your stuff online, you should upload more!
Kerchan3 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks Eddy!   I am working on many other drawings to place onto the Web...soon.    Hope to show you some more of my drawings, too!


theamazingwrabbit Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ALright! Can't wait to see when you do upload :)
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