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S.S.D. Eclipse II - Port 09A (On Patrol For Enemy) by Kerchan3
S.S.D. Eclipse II - Port 09A (On Patrol For Enemy)

    This is the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse II - Here are some of the Specifications of this awesome warship:
Length = 16.0 Km / Speed = (Primary) Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1 & (Secondary) Hyperdrive Multiplier: x6 / Impulse Speed = 1/4 to 1/2 Impulse / Crew = 708,470 With 4,175 Gunners / Cargo Capacity = 600,000 M/T's (Metric Tons) / Consumables = 10 Years / Troops = 150,000 including; 1 x Royal Guard Legion, 1 x CompForce Assault Battalion, Imperial Sovereign Protectors, a Compliment of Shadow Droid Starfighters, 5 x Garrison Bases, & 100 x AT-AT Walkers. 
Here are the numbers & types of weapons:
1 x Spine-Mounted Axial Superlaser / 500 x Point Defense Turbolasers (Grouped into batteries of five) / 550 x Heavy Laser Cannons / 500 x Turbolasers / 75 x Ion Cannons / 10 x Gravity Well Projectors / 100 x Tractor Beams.
Fighter/Bomber Squadrons: 50 x Squadrons of Tie/In Interceptors & 8 x Squadrons of Tie/Sa Bombers.
    Additional details of S.S.D. Eclipse II's Troops & Onboard Cargo; The Royal Guard Legion were specially trained troops who protected the Emperor, although they were shrouded in secrecy! However, to look at them, it was obvious that you could'nt miss them when they were in the vicinity. Resplendent in crimson robes, armor, & their helmets (including the frontal pieces) were also bright red in color! Now these soldiers were not to be taken lightly, just because they were all dressed in crimson-colored attire! They were armed with Force Pikes, which resembled, believe it or not, a modified golf ball retriever! The Force Pike itself would normally be about 4 to 5 feet in length (understand that a guardsman 6 foot 4inches would use a much longer pike than someone 5 foot 2 inches!) composed of metal; this pike consists of a black pommel, two black hand gripes at its base, then you have the shaft, & finally the end or emitter tip! Further usage of the Lightsaber Pike would be almost entirely restricted to the Emperor's Royal Guard! Ma'ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir, a skilled & deadly Kaleesh (Also known as "Smoke") designed a Lightsaber Pike worthy of his Guardsmen & presented it to Lord Ashen, who approved of its usage.  (Only those above the "Eighth Echelon" of the guard could wield such a devastating weapon!  Reference the CompForce Battalion; CompForce was a military wing of COMPNER, created to give Emperor Palpatine a loyal army separate from the Stormtrooper Corps. CompForce units were installed within the hierachy of the Imperial Military! CompForce troops were divided into 2 very different groups; Observation & Assault. COMPNOR stood for Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, an umbrella organization to maintain support for the Emperor's New Order!! {It replaced the Galactic Republic COMPNOR} The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was a branch of COMPNOR - this became the Secret Police Organization - after Coruscant was retaken by  the Empire in 10 ABY, the Imperial Ruling Council felt it was time to elect a new Galactic Emperor - COMPNOR along w/ various admirals, generals, & MOFFS said "NO" - armed conflict occurred by the end of the Imperial Civil War, COMPNOR was gone - only the Emperor's Youth as a Humanocentric Organization was left.  MOFFS - originates from small Pre-Republic Era Space Empires from which the Galactic Empire emerged!! MOFFS were Warlords of these Empires - GRAND MOFFS - initiated by the Sith Empire. Following the Great HyperSpace War that title was given to recognition of contributing to the Empire - abolished by the Russian Reformers' in the Republic - However; this position was re-established in the last years of the Clone Wars! {Did you know that Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin was a GRAND MOFF?} Imperial Sovereign Protectors were similar to that of the Emperor's Royal Guard! However they wore the following: black chestplate, black gauntlets, the front of their helmets were colored black while the rest was red, black cape, & they wore ornate armor w/ hoods & a Scythe-like Force Pike! Only the best were chosen from the Emperor's Royal Guard.  Also they had access to the Emperor's Royal Guard TIE/In Starfighters. The best Sovereign Protector got special training & were eligible for training as Dark Jedi!! {As the best known Imperial Sovereign Protector was Emperor's Royal Guardsman Carnor Jax, promoted in 11 ABY (Although Emperor Palpatine was not aware, Jax & Imperial Ruling Council Member, Sarcev Quest, were leading a conspiracy to overthrough him)} Shadow Droid Starfighters - Length of 6 meters, with a maximum atmospheric speed of 1,150 km/h (no hyperdrive), Special Shielding - Droids were covered w/ a very glossy black alloy that rendered them almost invisable to sensor scans! They had twin-wings which had Repeating Blasters, Ion Cannons,  & Electronic Pulse Guns plus there were two added pylons that acted like weapon's racks & launched Proton Torpedoes & Concussion Missiles. Finally they had two smaller Dorsal Lasers that covered the rear! Data on TIE/IN Interceptors - Length was 9.6 meters with Atmospheric Speed of 1,250 km/h, standard model had no Hyperdrive, Hull of Titanium, Weapons (4 x Laser Cannons, Refit had 2 Laser Cannons, 4 x Blaster Cannons, & 2 multipurpose warhead launchers supporting Concussion Warheads). TIE/Sa Bombers - Length of 7.8 meters with Atmospheric speed of 850 km/h, standard model had no Hyperdrive, Hull of Titanium, Weapons (2 x Laser Cannons, 2 x Proton Torpedo Launchers, Standard Load - 4 torp each & modified to 6 each, 2 x Concussion Missiles, Standard Load - 8 each & modified to 10 each, Bomb Bay Load - 62/68 Orbital Mines, 61/79 Proton Bombs, & Thermal Detonators). 
    The Eclipse Class's armor & shields were so very powerful that it could easily ram Rebel ships & other ships without any worry of damage! As already mentioned above; this Eclipse Class was much more mobile in that it had both the Enhanced Hyperdrive & very fast Impulse Engines (SubLight Engines)!! The Eclipse II was the Flagship of the Reborn Emperor Palpatine after the destruction of the Eclipse I. The Eclipse II transported Emperor Palpatine to the Sith World of Korribon. At the Battle of Onderon the New Republic attempted to capture the Emperor. Finally, the Eclipse II was destroyed over Byss, after R2D2 got control of the Eclipse II's Computer Controls & set a collision course w/ the Galaxy Gun! The Eclipse II crashed on the moon & into the Galaxy Gun, & then a projectile in the Galaxy Gun, ejected & was pulled towards the planet below. During the eventual explosion, the remains of both the Galaxy Gun & the S.S.D. Eclipse II were gone!!   

Kerchan Mk II - Star 38A by Kerchan3
Kerchan Mk II - Star 38A
This is a Romulan Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship; shown here under attack, it's utilizing its arsenal of various weapons to destroy them!  Firing two of its 4 X Class 24TX Pulse Tetryon Plasma Disruptor (Special Shielding Req To Stop Them - Will Disable All Energy Based Weapons If Impacting Hull), Total Output 80,000 T.W.'s (Located in both wings).  It is also firing four of its 8 X Class 18XP Pulse Plasma Disruptor Cannon (Multi-Freq Pulses), Total Output 66,600 T.W.'s (Located 4 Dorsal Fwd /2 Ventral /2 Aft).  If there is anything left of this enemy, hopefully they will have learned a good lesson; don't mess with any Kerchan Warship unless you're willing to pay the ultimate price...your life!!
Fighter/Bombers carried on the Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship:
7 Slip Nierrh-A / 7 Slip Nierrh-B / 15 Scorpion-C
{Be my guest & please check my gallery to look up all three of these latest types of Romulan Fighter/Bombers, along with each of their drawings, too!}
{A little bit of Star Trek trivia; An Advanced Cloak was encountered in 2379 by the Reman.  The Reman Warbird Scimitar employed a new type of cloaking device that allowed this warship to fire its weapons AND use its shields while cloaked!!  Not only this but, here is the real kicker; that device did NOT give off any Tachyon emissions or any residual antiprotons, making the Warbird Scimitar completely undetectable while it was cloaked!!  The effectiveness of this was shown at the "Battle of Bassen Rift", where the Scimitar was engaged by the USS Enterprise-E, the IRW {Interstellar Romulan Warship} Warbird Valdore & another of the same type Warbird, and was able to destroy one Warbird, cripple the Warbird Valdore, & empty all of the Enterprise's total weapons, as well as damage it quite a lot.  All this without suffering any major damage!! Picking up where the battle was raging on...only through repeated blind targeting and barrages of Phaser Arrays & firing all its torpedoes, was the Enterprise-E able to finally disable the Scimitar's cloak! Once the cloak failed, the Enterprise-E was able to get some effective shots off in at the Scimitar Battlecruiser...finally the Enterprise rammed the Scimitar!  Here the Tal'Shiar came up behind the Reman Scimitar Battlecruiser, after she had just been rammed and many of her sensors had gone dead from the tremendous crash it received from the ramming of the USS Enterprise-E, and their troops swept into the Scimitar's cloaking space and killed the Reman guards that were guarding it & removed it, replacing it with a Romulan Stealth Technology Class Cloak - With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature (RST Mk I).  The Tal'Shiar troops left as swiftly as they came...and the Romulan Empire now had the only working Advanced Scimitar Cloak - With Mask To Suppress Energy Signature, Allowing Weapons To Fire While Cloaked (Resistant To Tachyon Detection System) {ASC Mk I}. That was how the Romulans got this awesome cloak!! This Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship is equipped with this cloak now, the {ASC Mk I}.} 
Kerchan Mk II - Port 35A by Kerchan3
Kerchan Mk II - Port 35A
This is the Romulan Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship shown here attacking two Borg Vessels; one being a Borg Cube & the other, a Borg Sphere!  Firing several Transphasic Torpedoes at each of the Borg Vessels from 4 X Dual Burst-Fire Type II Heavy Class G-11 Singularity Torpedo Tubes which have been adjusted to fire the Transphasic Torpedoes!  This Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship is also firing both of its 2 X Class Mk III Isokinetic Cannons, located in the wings & they have an output of 77,000 T.W's, which should take care of these Borg Vessels in a hurry!!  You don't mess with a Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship & think you're going to come out of this fight "smelling like a rose"!! (Both Borg Vessels; the Borg Cube & the Borg Sphere, were quickly destroyed & this Kerchan continued on its patrol, as if nothing ever happened!!)
The Primary Hull on this Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship consists of the Advanced Diburnium-Osmium Alloy Armor Hull w/16 cm High Density Armor and w/12 cm Type III Ablative Armor.  The Secondary Hull consists of the Advanced Diburnium-Osmium Alloy Armor Hull w/16 cm High Density Armor and w/12 cm Type III Ablative Armor. {For your information; Diburnium-Osmium Alloy has been around the Galaxy for 10,000 years (really) and used by the Kalandans Race in making artificial planets for them to live on. Discovered by Captain James T. Kirk and Doctor McCoy in 2268; the Osmium Alloy was even used earlier, in 2151 by NX Class Starships with the first Enterprise.  This alloy is highly resistant to energy and radiation & has a melting point of 8,000 degrees Celsius, where as the melting point of Duranium is only 2,014 degrees Fahrenheit.  Duranium combined with Tritanium, is the standard hull composition of most Federation Starships as well as many other Races!!  You might keep that in mind the next time you think of what type of hull you would want your warship or starship to have instead!!} {Ablative Armor was in development in 2366 & was designed to boil away at a controlled rate under energy blasts, which provided an extra layer of protection and defense for warships if their shields should fail.}
Shield Capacities:
The Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship has the Regenerative High Capacity Multi-Vectral Shield System with nutation. Secondary Shield: Type R-IV Deflector Shielding.  The Primary Shield is 5,759,375 T.J's (Tera Joules) & the Secondary Shield is 3,551,600 T.J.'s!!
Kerchan Mk II - Ventral 21 by Kerchan3
Kerchan Mk II - Ventral 21
This is a Romulan Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship as it cruises through Space enroute to Sector 056D, to rendezvous with the rest of the Romulan Strike Fleet!! 
Here are the various types of weapons that this awesome & very powerful Romulan Warship has to offer:
12 X Class 17X"J" Anti-Fighter Disruptor Arrays, Total Output 37,072.8 T.W.'s (Tera Watts) (Fwd/Aft/Dorsal/Ventral/Stern)
1 X Class 23X Pulse Disruptor Beam (Multi-Freq Beam), Total Output 14,170 T.W.'s (Nose)
8 X Class 18XP Pulse Plasma Disruptor Cannon (Multi-Freq Pulse), Total Output 66,600 T.W.'s (4 Dorsal Fwd/2 Ventral/2 Aft)
2 X Class 20X Pulse Disruptor Beam (Multi-Freq Beam), Total Output 20,000 T.W.'s (Nose)
2 X Class Mk III Isokinetic Cannon, Total Output 77,000 T.W.'s (Wings)
2 X Class 21PX Pulse Plasma Disruptor (Special Shielding Req To Stop Them), Total Output 30,000 T.W.'s (Wings)
4 X Class 24TX Pulse Tetryon Plasma Disruptor (Special Shielding Req To Stop Them - Will Disable All Energy Based Weapons If Impacting Hull), Total Output 80,000 T.W.'s (Wings)
4 X Dual Burst-Fire Type II Heavy Class 2X G-11 Singularity Torpedo Tubes + 1,000 Singularity Torpedoes + 250 Transphasic Torpedoes (Fwd)
2 X Single Burst-Fire Type II Heavy Class G-12 Trilithium Torpedo Tubes + 300 Trilithium Torpedoes (Fwd)
2 X Dual Burst-Fire Type II Heavy Class 2X G-11 Singularity Torpedo Tubes + 400 Singularity Torpedoes (Aft)

Kerchan Mk II - Port 25 by Kerchan3
Kerchan Mk II - Port 25
Romulan Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship - This Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship is being attacked by enemy fighters as well as a warship! Here, this Kerchan fires its 12 X Class 17X"J" Anti-Fighter Disruptor Arrays, with a total output of 37,072.8 T.W.'s (Tera Watts). Many of these Anti-Fighter Disruptor Arrays are located on the Dorsal & Ventral areas of this formidable battleship!!  It is also firing Singularity Torpedoes from its 4 X Dual Singularity Torpedo Tubes + 1,200 Singularity Torpedoes + 200 Transphasic Torpedoes (Fwd)!!
Here are the Specs on the Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship's Drives that power it quickly throughout Space!!
Drives: This Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship has two distinct Drives; the first is the Dual Tetryon Plasma Drive which has a Cruising Speed of Warp 8.92, a Maximum Cruising Speed of Warp 9.979, & a Maximum Rated Speed of Warp 9.9992 for 12 hours. (The reason for the "dual drives" is that one is used to power the ship systems & engines while the other powers the cloak & the shields. Both can handle either job or both in an emergency!) The second type of Drive is the Coaxial Drive which has a Cruising Speed of Warp 10 ~ for 32 Light Years (LY's), a Maximum Cruising Speed of Warp 10 ~ 75 (LY's), & a Maximum Rated Speed of Warp 10 ~ 100 (LY's).


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Kerchan3's Profile Picture
John T. Beckman, III.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Retired U.S. Navy (22 years -medically retired)/I taught at Christian Schools; in Jacksonville,Fla. for 3 1/2 yrs. & in Augusta, Ga. for 7 1/2 yrs. (Taught Computer for K-4-12th grade) & was Network Manager for Augusta Christian Schools/Joined "Romulan Star Empire International" where I became the "Research & Development Minister" - after 4 of the "Continuing Committee", bailed out, basically, those left on that committee were the "Romulan Star Navy Fleet Admiral-Quartermaster, Chief of Roleplay Operations,& myself. Before it dissolved; I made rank of Full Commander w/ my own ship, Kerchan Mk III Command Dreadnought/Have created my own color backgrounds for my Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Wing Commander, Robotec, Andromeda, & United Spacy Navy as well as ships & space stations, as a hobby for last 9 1/2 years. Although I had lost my first "Haley" to old age (she was 119 years old -17 years old human), I grieved for her loss & I believe some of you understand how difficult this was for me since I have been stuck in this wheelchair, because of "surgical procedures" R.S.D., since basically April of 1985! Well, I'm back with a vengeance (ha! ha!), & have rescued my present Yellow Lab, who, instead of being all yellow in color, she is all white in color, & at 119.6 pounds, she is a big girl!! She has had a terrible past which I won't get into but, I will say that I best not catch ANYONE being cruel to children or animals or I will deal with you one way or another!! My promise!! Anyway, I'm about to get extremely busy and design & draw my next versions of the Romulan Kerchan Warships; Kerchan Mk II-B Battleship & the Kerchan Mk III-C Command Dreadnought!! I do want to thank many of my fellow artists for your encouragement to go on! I'm also expanding to continue drawing some Babylon 5, Star Wars, & Wing Commander, as well!

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